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Ah esqueci de mencionar a Inkydeals.com está com uma novo concurso bem legal e divertido. Segue abaixo a descrição:

This Halloween, A Spooky Contest Is Heading This Way


It’s that time of the year again when everyone is restless, looking over their shoulders even.
Who’s there? You ask while looking back anxiously.
Shadows glide out of view only to linger shortly in the corner of your eye. Are you seeing things? Or maybe there actually is something lurking around the corner.
Well, as you might have guessed Halloween is closing in and Inky has been pulling this kind of tricks all week. A question still remains: What devilish creature has he costumed as?
The answer will be your responsibility because this contest can only be won by the most imaginative and scary creations you can muster.
Here’s what you need to do: Go to Inky’s Facebook page and download InkyDeals PNG logo. Once you have the logo unleash the wildest, scariest and most terrifying corners of your imagination and suit Inky up. For the last step make Inky’s costume known to the entire world by attaching it in a comment at Inky’s Halloween Facebook postHalloween Costume Contest.
Don’t worry you won’t go through all this trouble without some tasty treats waiting for you when you are done. How tasty? Well, we have 5 Infinity Bundles (worth $6,500)  ready for the top 5 scariest costumes plus a $100 Amazon Gift Card for the scariest of the five.
Note: Get Inky suited up as fast as possible because the contest ends Monday, October 31 at Midnight. Spooky!
If you just plan to watch all the festivities and costumes unfold on Facebook, remember that we also have a 50% promotion on all the deals on our website.
Divirtam-se e feliz dia das bruxas!!!

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